Cycle Time & Efficiency Benefits


Cycle time is a direct measure of process and equipment performance and efficiency.  Job Cycle time in its entirety includes setup time, actual cut time, down time for part changeovers, tool replacements, or anything else that adds to the entire time it takes to complete a job.

Perhaps the most notable impact SPIDERCOOL offers to cycle time is through optimization of cutting feeds and speeds.  When cutting tools are precisely targeted with a higher velocity of coolant, they can remove metal faster, and with less adverse effects.  Simply increasing a feed rate from 5 IPM to 6 IPM, or 20 IPM to 24 IPM may not seem like much, but that’s a 20% improvement right there.

And that’s only one way SPIDERCOOL helps your cycle time.  Don’t forget quicker setups, less worn and broken tool changeovers, less stopping the machine during cycle, and the list goes on.

The more “Non-Value-Added” time you can remove from a job, the more profitable that job is, and the more competitive you can be when quoting.  SPIDERCOOL does exactly that.  It removes “Non-Value-Added” time (waste/MUDA) from your machining process.  The result is a significant improvement in overall cycle time.