Part Quality Benefits


Surface finish and dimensional tolerance are important considerations in any machining process.  Customers will hold you in higher regard than your competitors when the parts you provide them are better than just good enough.

When powerful coolant jets are always precisely aimed at the cutting edge of every tool regardless of it’s length, chip flushing, lubrication and cooling are improved, allowing cutters to run more efficiently and predictably.

When cutters run more efficiently and predictably, and not constantly subjected to re-cutting chips, part finish and consistency can be improved noticeably.  We frequently hear from our customers how part finish was instantly improved just by adding the SPIDERCOOL.

As a result, you can confidently walk away knowing the coolant is going to be exactly where you need it, increasing the predictability of achieving better, more consistent, finishes and tolerance.  And your chances of scrapping parts due to insufficient coolant or random tool breakage are greatly diminished.