Tool Life Benefits

Why risk it?

With SPIDERCOOL, it is not uncommon to increase tool life by 20%, according to our customers.  Some customers have even doubled tool life and more on certain operations.

The reasons are simple.  When powerful coolant jets are always precisely aimed at the cutting edge of every tool, regardless of its length, every tool lasts longer than it otherwise would.  Flooding the general cutting area with coolant is just not the same.

And, we hear time and again that random tool breakage is reduced or completely eliminated.  That adds up quickly when one tool breaks, then the next tool, and the next.

SPIDERCOOL perfectly aims the coolant, doesn’t get knocked out of the way by chips, and doesn’t drift like most plastic coolant hoses do.  As a result, you can confidently walk away from the machine knowing the coolant is going to be exactly where you need it, resulting in longer more consistent tool life.